CHARGE AND RIDE: David Williams with one of his Nomad Cycles.
CHARGE AND RIDE: David Williams with one of his Nomad Cycles. Geoff Potter

On your electric bike, says venturer

LIVING and working in China for three years proved to David Williams the value of cycling.

"Everyone in China rides a bike, young and old," the 25-year-old Noosa man said.

"The majority are commuters. I lived in Beijing where the traffic is terrible.''

David was so impressed with the bike as a way of commuting that he has designed four bicycles with electric motors under the brand Nomad Cycles.

"I came back from China especially to go into this venture because I knew these electric bikes had potential. They have taken off in Europe,'' he said.

"I designed them, put the specifications together, then I went back to China to see where they could be assembled. I went through the whole process. Now they are shipped here to Noosa for the final assembly."

The small electric motor is strapped into the back wheel. As you peddle it assists in tricky areas and hills.

"It is not a throttle and can be adjusted by using the thumb," David said. "It is an efficient system and can take you up to 25 kilometres an hour. A single charge costs just a few cents in electricity and can take you 40 to 60 kilometres. Increase your peddling and you can go further. "

Nomad Cycles are available at Cognition Bikes in St. Andrews Drive, Tewantin, and online at

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