Horizon Restaurant chefs Isaac Whyfon and David Moore.
Horizon Restaurant chefs Isaac Whyfon and David Moore. John Gass

See food and eat it on Seafood Trail

DESTINATION Tweed is looking to reel in more visitors to the area through upgrades and further promotion of the Seafood Discovery Trail.

Chief executive officer Phil Villiers said the new developments would be rolled out in the next six months.

“We are going to be using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to promote the trail and offer prizes, such as the degustation dinner that was given away last month,” he said.

The Trail includes a number of seafood restaurants based along the Southern Gold Coast and the Tweed area and offers a year-round selection of both local and international seafood dishes.

Horizons restaurant, located at Twin Towns Services Club, hopes to benefit from the extended promotion of the trail, with Twin Towns food and beverage manager Kim Chilcott saying he is excited about the upcoming year.

“The exposure gained from being involved in the Seafood Trail is excellent; it’s really good exposure for us using Facebook as well,” he said.

“We have a great menu on offer, and the more people that get a chance to enjoy it, the better.”

In addition to the Seafood Trail, Destination Tweed is also looking at the possibility of a combined bird tour with O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat and the Tweed region.

“Our relationship with our counterparts is strong,” Mr Villiers said.

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