The ever-faithful Lego made the list of top toys for Christmas again.
The ever-faithful Lego made the list of top toys for Christmas again.

Older toys making a comeback

AS PARENTS start thinking about what to leave under the Christmas tree for their children, a list of the top toys in 2011 has been released to help give guidance.

Some old favourites, such as Lego and Elmo, are still popular with children while new flashier models have also made kids' wishlists.

The annual Toyworld Top 10 Hot Toys for Christmas was compiled from sales trends at the 39 stores of the country's largest toy retailer.

Included are toys from the last century - including Lego, Elmo Rock and the Sylvanian Families figurines.

Toyworld toy buyer Repeka Haurua travels the world to find the best toys for the chain.

She said the old favourites were popular because there was a toy for every budget.

"Traditional play patterns such as toys that allow for creative interaction and outdoor play remain consistently popular," she said.

She said the new top toys this year show "innovation, creation, construction and interaction like we've never seen before".

The Dinosaur Train uses SmartTalk technology which allows different toy characters to interact with each other, for example.

"It's really amazing what these toys can do," Ms Haurua said.

She said the most popular toys often sold out before Christmas so parents should act quickly.


Top 10 toys for Christmas

  • Beyblade Battle Set- Reviving the classic game Battling Tops. Ages 8+
  • Cookie Pie Pup- A dog toy for girls which responds to commands and blinks and barks. Ages 4+
  • Dinosaur Train- Boris Tyrannosaurus from the Dinosaur Train TV show. Ages 3+
  • Elmo Rock- Elmo sings with his microphone and plays tambourine and drums. Ages 18 months+
  • Glitter Lava Desk- Set for making sparkly colourful stickers. Ages 4+
  • Lego- ages vary
  • Nerf Vortex Nitron Blaster- Shoots discs long-range and features pulsing targeting lights. Ages 8+
  • Transformers- ages 5+
  • Sylvanian Families- ages 4+
  • 3 Unit Gym Set- Outdoor set for youngsters

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