Obama to Turnbull: You actually talk to the New Zealanders?

US President Barack Obama has been caught having a cheeky dig at New Zealand during a recorded conversation with the Australian Prime Minister.

But he soon made up for it by saying he and Prime Minister John Key "have become good friends".

Obama and Malcolm Turnbull were talking quietly to each other during the APEC summit in Manila when their conversation was caught on microphones.

Obama can be heard asking Turnbull: "I mean what bilaterals do you have after yesterday's?"

Turnbull replies: "I've just got a couple of others. John tonight. I was going to see PNG but I'll catch them another time."

Obama then says jokingly: "So you actually, er, you actually talk to the New Zealanders?"

Turnbull takes the question seriously and answers: "I do, look, he is a real role-model."

Obama, changing tack: "Nah, he's a wonderful guy. And he and I have become good friends. And not just because we play golf together."

A video of the conversation was posted on the Facebook page of Australian state broadcaster ABC News.

Alongside the video, ABC News wrote: "Microphones have once again captured an exchange between Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and US president Barack Obama on the sidelines of APEC."

It then added: "The pair were caught comparing notes on their favourite world leader."

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