Matt Testro, Dougie Baldwin and Rahart Adams in Nowhere Boys season two.
Matt Testro, Dougie Baldwin and Rahart Adams in Nowhere Boys season two. ABC TV

Nowhere Boys’ powerful return home for second series

SUPERNATURAL problems abound in the return of popular teen drama Nowhere Boys.

The ABC's Logie Award-winning fantasy adventure series follows four boys who get lost in the woods and end up in an alternate universe.

The second season sees Jake, Felix, Andy and Sam settling back into their lives after finding their way home and experimenting with their new and unpredictable powers.

The show is a breakthrough role for actor Matt Testro (as popular jock Jake), who had no previous professional acting experience.

"I always did drama at school and acting was always a hobby for me as a kid. It was not something I thought about doing as a career," Testro told APN.

"It was weird, someone talking me seriously for something I did for leisure.

"My first role being a lead was certainly like being thrown in the deep end, but I tried to take it in my stride."

Season two will have a multi-platform premiere tonight, with the ABC simul-casting the first episode across its ABC1 and ABC3 channels and online via iView.

"Season two is a bit of a mind-bender," Testro said.

"We're all pretty happy to be back to our families... but there's a divide amongst the group about their powers.

"Andy wants to talk about it, while Felix wants to keep it a secret. Andy gets himself into a bit of trouble.

"The first season had one ultimate objective of getting home, while the second season has a lot of things going on and a lot more layers (to the story)."

With the boys' newfound abilities to control water, wind, fire and the earth, the show has been an opportunity for Testro to work with special effects.

"Special effects can be tricky," he said.

"Say, we'd be looking at a tornado that was chasing us. It would be someone standing behind the camera with a pole so we'd be screaming and running away from this pole. You just have to use your imagination and as an actor you've got to have one of those."

The 18-year-old is adjusting to getting recognised on the street.

"Kids or parents of kids ask for photos and autographs; it's kind of surreal but it's pretty cool," he said.

"I was kind of surprised at people recognising me but I wasn't surprised at the show's success.

"When I read the first scripts it was a lot darker for a kids' series and I knew it would at least be something that was unique."

Nowhere Boys season two premieres tonight at 6pm on ABC1 and ABC3.

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