Elaine Flynn is starting a ghost tours business in Rockhampton.
Elaine Flynn is starting a ghost tours business in Rockhampton. Allan Reinikka

Ghost hunter sees the light after dying twice

ELAINE Flynn's life changed when she was just four-years-old. It was the day she died in a car accident.

But Elaine wasn't ready to go.

Elaine's not sure what quite happened to her while she passed away for just a few moments, but when she was revived she woke up with an extraordinary gift.

She could see spirits.

"I started seeing colours, which were the auras of people passed on," Elaine explains.

She didn't know what was happening to her, but learnt to live with what she was seeing to continue on with a normal life.

"It used to scare the bejesus out of me," Elaine said. "I could feel things or smells, I knew something was there but I couldn't physically see it," she recalls.

But Elaine would go through life teaching herself how to block out what she was seeing.

It wasn't until five years ago that the colours, smells and her instincts became crystal clear to her.

It was a battle with breast cancer that claimed Elaine's life once again, this time when she was in her 40s.

"I passed away again while in surgery, then after I woke, I started to see things more clearly, she said.

"After the cancer ordeal it was like someone opened up an information pamphlet for these spirits to come through to me."

The 47-year-old has been psychic her whole life, but can now communicate clearly with people who have since died.

But Elaine has always had a keen interest in 'the other side'. 

LEFT: An unfaithful barmaid haunts The Cracow Hotel, 155kms from Biloela. Her footsteps have been hear inside the walls of the old hotel.
LEFT: An unfaithful barmaid haunts The Cracow Hotel, 155kms from Biloela. Her footsteps have been hear inside the walls of the old hotel.

After going on her first ghost-hunting experience nearly 20 years ago, she got hooked on hunting and hasn't looked back since.

"If there is a spirit in a house, we find out who it is; and if they want to leave, they go.

"98% of the time it's nothing malicious, it's just something that's there," she said.

And now Elaine is searching for Rockhampton's ghosts.

The ghost hunter has researched the city and says the history in Rockhampton is astounding.

Elaine says you don't need to go into a building that's supposedly haunted to get the feel of ghosts; they're everywhere, including in laneways people walk down every day.

Her business, Rockhampton Ghost Tours, takes tours through the streets of Rocky looking for haunted spirits.

Elaine said there are plenty of ghosts in Rockhampton that get curious when she takes her tours down some of Rockhampton's eerie back lanes.

"When you have 20 people walking up a lane and we start talking about the people of the past, the ghosts get curious and come out," she said.

Elaine, who also takes ghost-hunting equipment on her tours, said there was even one laneway in Rockhampton that was notorious for underground people and ladies of the night, back in the 1800s.

She's researched Rockhampton's history and has tracked down where ghosts lie among us.

"The ghosts of Rockhampton are walking the streets, believe me."

Ghost haunts around Rockhampton:

Ghost haunts around Rocky:

  • Southside cemetery: A lady named Elizabeth, wearing a white dress, walks around.
  • Rockhampton Girls Grammar: It's said that a former headmistress haunts the bell tower.
  • Inner light store: The ghost is said to be a tall country man dressed in blue or red flannelette. He is said to appear behind customers while they peruse the book shelves.
  • Banks of the Fitzroy: A gentleman underneath the old bridge has been seen. It's believed he used to be a fisherman.
  • Stewarts: A gentleman haunts the stairs.
  • Criterion Hotel: A chambermaid roams the hotel after dying a century ago.
  • Pilbeam Theatre: It's believed a female ghost is in the building.
  • Park Avenue Hotel: Rumours are that there have been a few encounters of a strange woman.

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