Nose-in parking at Byron Bay

Gary Walker, Fran Cummings and Jamie Wilson from Retravision . . . mixed views.
Gary Walker, Fran Cummings and Jamie Wilson from Retravision . . . mixed views.
Some Queenslanders and Victorians have been doing it for years – illegally - and soon everyone will be doing it in Byron Bay – legally.
Byron Shire Council has resolved to implement nose-in parking in the CBD following the 2009/10 summer holiday period.
The council will spend $50,000 from paid parking income to effect the changes to all signs and markings across the town centre and will undertake a broad publicity campaign leading up to the implementation of the changes.
But, the parking changes have been met with mixed reaction from local business people.
“The Queenslanders will love it,” Gary Walker from Retravision laughed.
“They continue to park with their nose in even when the signs clearly say rear-to-kerb.”
Fran Cummings and Jamie Wilson also from Retravision said the proposed changes would slow the traffic down in an already congested Jonson Street.
Jamie said it was a stupid idea.
“The council will have to widen Jonson Street if it is going to implement this proposal,” he said.
“There will be prangs everywhere.”
But, David Anderson from the Byron Corner Store said nose-in parking was a great idea.
He said there were two reasons why it would be good for the town.
“One is that in the summer when cars are parked with their rear-to-the-kerb and they have their air conditioning on, the fumes float straight into our store,” David said.
“And secondly we are a tourist town, yet when the Queenslanders and Victorians come here and park the wrong way around, they get a ticket.
“This is not good and it spoils their holidays.
“Whenever I see a car parked the wrong way in, I immediately tell the driver and that way they don’t get a ticket.”
Trevor Mead from Trevor Mead Butchers agreed with David that nose-in parking was a good idea.
“Mullumbimby has nose-in parking, so I think its right that we should be uniform across the shire,” he said.
On holidays in Byron Bay last week, Brendon Barratt and Nisha Bajpe from Canberra thought the proposed changes would be good.
“In Canberra it’s nose-in or parallel parking, so it’s quite unusual to see cars here parked with their rear-to-the-kerb,” Brendon said.
“No matter which way you park anyway, you have to reverse, either in or out.”
“You still stop the traffic no matter what the parking rules say.”
 Sevegne Newton from Byron United said the move to change the parking was a positive one.
“I think it will actually increase the number of parks we now have and it will be great for those people sitting in outdoor cafes as they won’t have exhaust fumes in their faces like they do now with rear-to-kerb parking.
“The present system of rear-to-kerb really confuses people, especially the tourists, so I think this change will simplify things.”
Streets affected by the parking changes include:
* Lawson Street from Jonson to Fletcher (south side); Fletcher to Middleton (both sides).
* Bay Street from Jonson to Middleton (north side). Pool frontage.
* Fletcher Street from Bay to Lawson (both sides); Lawson to Byron (east side); Byron to Marvel.
* Byron Street from Jonson to Middleton.
* Marvel Street from Jonson to Tennyson.
* Jonson Street from Byron to Marvel; Marvel to Browning (east side).
* Carlyle Street from Jonson to Tennyson.
* Kingsley from Jonson to Middleton; Middleton to Tennyson (eastern half of school frontage); Middleton to Tennyson (southern side).
A period of grace of up to two weeks will be allowed with council rangers issuing no fines for non-compliance.

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