Grace Potter & The Nocturnals at Byron Bay Blues Festival 2013
Grace Potter & The Nocturnals at Byron Bay Blues Festival 2013

Nocturnals love blues

CALIFORNIA offered some warm weather to singer Grace Potter, who was visiting the Sunny State at the time of our interview, far from the cold winter of her native Vermont.

This American singer songwriter has already started preparing her Bluesfest gig, after a successful first appearance last year.

This year's Bluesfest gig may include some new music she wrote last year during her first visit to Australia.

"When we were there I started writing a new album," she said.

"I didn't mean to. We did a big international tour for a year and a half and we had toured Europe, the UK and ended up in Australia. I was really inspired by it.

"When the Nocturnals reunite to prepare for our Australia and New Zealand tour, we are probably going to churn out some of those songs I wrote while in Australia".

Potter explained this unnamed album was a continuation "of the thought process that went into the album The Lion, The Best, The Beat, which was a breakthrough for the band and for me as a songwriter".

Before that, Australian fans will be able to enjoy a special EP called GPN from April 11.

"It's an EP of music that touches all our records we've released over the years," she said.

"It's a taster of the different styles of music and the different sounds that we've been through for the 10 years that we've been a band."

Ms Potter explained that part of the reason the band was coming back this year was because of Blues fest's 25th anniversary.

"I remember the atmosphere. The place is enchanted. Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been to.

"But I wasn't expecting such an amazing energy from the crowd. We were this unknown band from the US and the reaction that we got was really memorable.

"There is no way that gig can blend into our memory and into a blur. The crowd just lit up from the inside, and you could tell that this is a festival that takes its music very seriously.

"What's very interesting about the Byron Bay Bluesfest is that it's got such a reputation in the US that is commonly known and understood that everybody wants to go and it's a trip worth taking."

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