Festival goers at a Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival. PIC: CONTRIBUTED
Festival goers at a Rabbits Eat Lettuce festival. PIC: CONTRIBUTED

No official support for REL fire benefit gig

MUSIC festival organisers Rabbits Eat Lettuce announced to their followers that the bushfire benefit scheduled for Kippenduff would be moved to the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

“A few days ago we were notified by Richmond Valley Council that the local NSW Police have ‘revoked their support’ to this years Bushfire Fundraising Edition of REL to be held at our Kippenduff Venue,,” organisers said.

Despite our best efforts and ongoing commitment to work with the local council and emergency services as well as actively progressing through the new NSW Governments Festival Licensing Act managed by ILGA, the venue will be moved, they told fans on their website and on social media.

“We have been met with a brick wall with no effort on the part of NSW Police to work with us transparently.

“We requested a pre-event stakeholder meeting with local council and agencies as early as last year to discuss the festival to ensure the event would meet safety standards and address any concerns they might have, however this request was ignored and eventually never accepted.”

They have been welcomed with open arms by the people at Landcruiser Mountain Park in Queensland, REL organisers said.

The event would have otherwise been cancelled.

“Fortunately the LCMP venue is already licensed with an entertainment license and doesn’t have any issues with noise restrictions,” they said.

“So we can be free to focus all our energy on creating a magic festival experience for all our family.”

The organisers apologised for the extra travel time required for some festival goers with the move.

“We really tried our absolute hardest to bring the festival back to the Kippenduff venue, but it is clear that music and art events are not welcome in the region,” they said.

Richmond Valley Council general manager Vaughan Macdonald said: “well planned and safe events is what our community expects and we respect the advice received from our emergency services agencies. We wish them well with their future events.”

  • For info about the REL Easter event go to www.rabbitseatlettuce.com.au

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