Heavenlee Creations is creating swimwear suitable for young children.
Heavenlee Creations is creating swimwear suitable for young children.

Swimsuits to counter the flesh flash among our kids

AN Aussie mum sick of sexualised images of children in flesh-flashing fashion has carved out a new business selling age-appropriate swimwear for young girls.

Perth-based founder of Heavenlee Creations, Lee-Anne Stillitano, said it was time for a change because children as young as 10 were beginning to worry about their body image.

"Having grown up in the dance industry I found that there was too much focus on the body image of children," said Mrs Stillitano.

"I started looking for age appropriate swimwear for my daughter and I was unhappy with what I found," she said.

"It seemed like the only options were bikinis and body hugging swimwear."

"So I started designing something my daughter would love to wear, which was fashionable, comfortable and age appropriate."

"There is a need to create a culture where girls didn't feel pressured to look like a supermodel and felt confident in their own skin."

"I see so many kids today who suffer with body issue problems that are displayed by them being perfectionists, over-achievers, anxious and self critical."

"Kids are most vulnerable to feel this pressure while at the beach in their swimming costumes."

Mrs Stillitano said her swimwear range included:

• Modest one piece swim suits in bright playful colours
• No bikinis - kids don't need to flash their flesh
• No plunging neck lines - girls don't have boobs so why try and make like they do?
• Frills that are fun for girls
• A great cut that gives two seasons wear out of them

"With this swimwear, my daughter can run, swim and build sandcastles while playing on the beach and I don't have to worry about her being leered at."

"I think it's a bit scary when we see big name fashion labels moving into girls swim wear."

"Liz Hurley just released her own line and it's all about young girls looking like teenagers."

"It's too much too early."

The retired dance teacher said she had received particularly strong interest over her range from Queensland.

She said with more and more people posting images of their children on the beach on social media, it was important they did not become targets for perverts and deviants.

Mrs Stillitano said one of the advantages of her clothing range was the bright colours, which meant children could be easily spotted on the beach or in the water.

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