Michelle Stitt was caring for a disabled man when he died in her house in 2009.
Michelle Stitt was caring for a disabled man when he died in her house in 2009.

No blue card for woman who slapped and shoved disabled man

AN Ipswich woman who once assaulted a disabled man in a park and was the carer of another who died inside her house has been refused a blue card.

Michelle Stitt, 52, applied for the blue card after deciding to re-join a pony club where she wanted to give riding lessons to children.

Stitt's application was knocked back in January this year due to her previous conviction in 2007 for yelling, slapping and shoving a disabled man in a park who she was meant to be caring for.

She was also required to give evidence at a coronial inquest into the 2009 death of a man under her care, but there was nothing to suggest she was involved.

Stitt appealed the decision saying the two incidents in question were more than five years ago and she did not pose a risk to children.

The Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal heard Stitt was deeply sorry for her conduct surrounding the assault conviction.

She told the hearing in June that she had made significant steps in her personal rehabilitation and just wanted to be in a position where she could help others.

QCAT member Susan Gardiner, in dismissing the appeal, said it was of concern Stitt could not set clear boundaries or understand boundaries were needed in certain situations.

She said of lesser concern was the fact Stitt still did not accept the version of events surrounding the assault conviction.

"I am not satisfied there is sufficient evidence before me to accept that Ms Stitt is currently robust enough to withstand all of the possible stressors of an unrestricted positive notice," she said.

"I am satisfied that at this point of Ms Stitt's personal development, the risk factors in issuing her with an unrestricted positive notice outweigh the protective factors."


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