Nine baby crocodiles found in public swimming pool

A CUTE contingent of baby crocodiles might pose little threat aside from a nibble on the ankle, but it must be remembered that much of Queensland is crocodile country, with the state even maintaining a constant "croc watch".  

Nine crocodiles were found at the Mt Isa public pool in north-west Queensland on Sunday, each measuring between 25cm and 30cm, eight survived the ordeal and were to be released back into the wild overnight.  

ABC News reports the discovery was made by a man doing laps after the pool opened.   In 2013 alone there were 236 crocodiles reported to the Department of Environment, with 45 of those confirmed by authorities.  

In late November, a "crocodile of concern" was to be removed from Alligator Creek, south of Mackay in Central Queensland.  

The town has a long history of crocodiles, including a 2.3m specimen named "Crafty" who happily evaded authorities in a waterway frequented by ducks and joggers for most of 2008.  

From late September to the end of 2013, seven crocodiles - mostly near Cairns - had to be relocated.  

It has been almost five years since a crocodile took a life in Queensland.  

A 3m croc named Goldie was blamed for snatching a five-year-old boy from a Daintree River tour in February 2009.  

The Department of Environment was approached for comment but did not respond before deadline.  

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