Name change for CSG Free Northern Rivers

THE regional alliance of anti-gas community groups, CSG Free Northern Rivers, will now be known as Gasfield Free Northern Rivers after a formal name change announced today.

With the name change, a new logo has also been launched to represent the alliance.

This change, spokesperson Ian Gaillard said, has been made in response to the looming threat of other forms of invasive gas mining in the region in addition to CSG, including tight sands gas.

"This name change reflects our united purpose in the Northern Rivers to prevent the establishment of invasive industrial gasfields in our beautiful and productive region," Mr Gaillard said.

"It pays tribute to the 122 communities in the region that have declared themselves gasfield free and it reflects the huge levels of opposition to gasfield development in all of the local government areas of the Northern Rivers."

"It is also a timely response to attempts by government and industry to play word games by changing the name of coal seam gas or by using terms like 'natural gas' or 'conventional gas' to make this industry seem less threatening."

"What we and the communities of the Northern Rivers are clear about is that the real issue is not the type of gas, it's the invasive industrial gasfields that are necessary to extract and transport it."

The move by the alliance follows recent announcements by Metgasco that they will be targeting tight gas in their upcoming drilling activities, Mr Gaillard continued.

The alliance website will now be available at both and and will have the same Facebook URL.

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