Nail your salary negotiations

SALARY negotiations can be daunting but here's the good news: research, practice and demonstrating your worth can help seal the deal.

Recruitment firm Davidson's group manager of projects and operations, Stephen Veness, said doing your research was a must.

"People tend to try and negotiate out of context too often so you have to understand where the role that you're looking at sits in the market," Mr Veness said.

Timing is also important and he warns bringing up money too soon can be a turn-off.

"Don't be too eager to bring up salary - you want to make it so the company is interested in employing you so you have some bargaining power," he said.

He advised rehearsing with a friend or family member and preparing examples of how you added value to a business in previous roles to demonstrate your worth.

Mr Veness said candidates should not be too absolute when seeking a cash figure and consider "softer" benefits on the table such as flexible working conditions.

"Don't be too black and white and look at the total value of an offer," he said.

Maurice Blackburn Maroochydore associate Peter Cooper said negotiating your salary when you were first offered a job or during a performance review could be challenging.

"Being well prepared about the position and finding out the market rate salary is the key to making that discussion a success," Mr Cooper said.

"You should plan ahead for salary discussions by researching other similar positions so you've got an understanding of a reasonable pay range for the job.

"Consider also the value that you bring to the company, using your skills and experience as leverage.

"It's best to negotiate face to face if you can and don't be afraid to aim high with your remuneration requests.

"Be prepared for an employer to make a counter offer and think about how you might respond."

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