Mysterious J.J. Abrams trailer appears online

A MYSTERIOUS black-and-white video from J.J. Abrams' production house Bad Robot has appeared online, but no one knows what it's for.

Called Stranger, the minute-long video appeared on Bad Robot's YouTube channel yesterday and quickly racked up thousands of views.

It shows a man washing up on a beach with his hands bound, before zooming in on the face of someone whose lips have been sewed together.

With a sinister piano background, a voiceover says: ""He arrived knowing nothing of himself. Who is he? Soon, he will know. Because what begins at the water shall end there.

"And what ends there shall once more begin. This is what happens when we come lost. Men vanish, men are erased - and reborn."

It ends with the words, "Soon he will know" flashing up on screen.

Abrams - the man behind Lost, Cloverfield and Star Trek - is known for throwing audiences off guard with random videos, online treasure hunts and in-jokes before big releases.

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