Music comes to Mullum

MULLUM Music Festival is a genre-defying four-day event aimed at the heart and soul of the music lover.

With 100 performances from next Thursday to Sunday, November 28, there's something for everyone. Indie lovers are in for a treat this year with a program featuring some of the best acts on the planet.

New York's Kaki King tops the bill, the only woman Rolling Stone has ever proclaimed ‘Guitar God'.

For King, her music is about philosophy and connection and melancholy and breaking rules. It's about chasing traditions from classical to jazz, indie and pop and then smashing them apart. King's latest album, Junior, is her fourth to hit the racks, a testament to her love of powerful, sad songs.

Catharsis is a big part of King's songwriting.

“I think we have something in our internal nature that speaks to the reason why we listen to a sad song,” she said.

“It's not to become sadder, it's to become happier, catharsis is a cool idea, it's about release, that's why so much beautiful music is written around that theme. We need to let our emotions out, things are incredibly beautiful and we need to let things out and suddenly we feel better.”

Fellow American, indie-folk performer Pieta Brown is the daughter of two preachers' kids. Pieta brings together the unvarnished humility of Loretta Lynn, the honest modern rock punch of PJ Harvey and the hipster swagger and poetry of Cat Power.

Australian indie pop gets a look in with Washington and Tinpan Orange. Since Triple J unearthed Ms Washington just one summer ago, life has been a surreal whirlwind for this all-singing, all-dancing showgirl who combines cutting edge with cupcakes.

Emily Lubitz of Tinpan Orange has had her vocal abilities acknowledged by greats like Renee Geyer, who said “if my voice had a baby, it would be hers”. The band has garnered four-star reviews from the Herald Sun and have found themselves touring Australia, Europe and the UK.

Harry James Angus walks alone for this one. He's got undeniably one of the country's most unique voices.

Usually up front with multi-platinum super group The Cat Empire, Harry will stretch his legs at Mullum Music Festival with a set of original songs performed with classical guitar and a few of his musical mates. He has been called the three-way love child of Leonard Cohen, Randy Newman and some wild-eyed Arabian desert preacher.

Like fire and ice, moonlight and moonshine, Melbourne's Jen Cloher and Jordie Lane are a modern day Bonnie and Clyde, teaming up for a hot-blooded double bill of homespun ballads and country-strung blues. They'll perform their duo, but also be performing separate shows throughout the festival.

Mama Kin is equal parts raconteur and soulstress, a sassy femme fatale who draws on her experience of love, life and heartache to lay down a powerful and feisty performance. Brisbane's Jackie Marshall's husky smooth sensual voice sings sweetly of pain and pretty men in a swirling storm of rock n roll.

Local indie musos get a look in with M. Jack Bee dancing dangerously close to a train wreck, wedged on stage between pedals and amplifiers, bringing the crowd along for a nailbiting ride with his bag of tongue in cheek heart-achingly good rock songs. Ilona Harker puts pedal to the metal with her indie country pop, creating a soundscape of smoky lyrics infused with whiskey. Day tickets and season passes are available. Go to or call 66846195.

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