Court told accused murderer hid body in ute

A DISPUTE over a woman ended with a man being beaten to death by the side of a country road, a court has been told.

Accused killer Jamie Rex Teichmann then allegedly enlisted the help of two mates to load the body of Michael Desmond Manson, 48, into the back of the victim's ute.

The vehicle was then dumped near Atkinsons Dam, with the victim's feet protruding from it, where it was later found by a horse rider.

Teichmann's trial for murder began at Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday.

Crown prosecutor Glen Cash told the jury he intended to prove Teichmann "at least" intended to cause grievous bodily harm, with death as a probable consequence, when he launched the "vicious attack".

Mr Cash said the victim had dropped into the Bellvue Hotel in Coominya for a beer on Wednesday, December 8, 2010.

"Unwittingly ... he set off a chain of events that would result in his untimely death," he said.

"The precise circumstances of Michael Manson's death are not clear.

"It seems the only people who were present at the time of Michael Manson's death were him and (Teichmann)."

Mr Cash said Teichmann, Katrina Bird, Andrew Kuiper and Michael Ambrose were also drinking at the pub that afternoon.

He said most of the pub witnesses in the trial were drunk after a drinking session that began as early as 11am for some and finished between 7-8pm for many.

Mr Cash said Ms Bird had suggested Teichmann, who lives in Kilcoy, pop over to her home after he watched a pay TV boxing match with Kuiper and Ambrose.

She said Manson was with Ms Bird when Teichmann arrived.

Mr Cash said Mr Manson was a builder who lived outside town with his wife and children but he and Ms Bird were the subject of "small-town gossip" because of their close friendship.

He said witnesses would allege Teichmann told Mr Manson what he was doing was not right and punched him.

The two men then took off in their cars but stopped along the Coominya Connection Road where Mr Cash said the fatal fight took place.

Mr Cash said Kuiper, who was jailed in February to six months' jail wholly suspended for his role, would tell the court he and Ambrose received a phone call to help him move the body.

He said Kuiper alleged Teichmann told him he had "punched the living crap out of him" and "stomped all over him", that he had "killed him".

Mr Cash there was no useful scientific or DNA evidence to link the three men to the Mr Manson's body or dumped ute but he believed the jury would be satisfied of guilt after hearing the rest of the evidence.

Defence barrister Bruce Mumford asked the jury to focus on Kuiper's testimony claiming his client confessed to killing Mr Manson.

He said they should also focus on medical evidence about the injuries Mr Manson suffered, noting they might find it inconsistent with the version Kuiper claimed Teichmann gave him.

Kristopher Jennings was out horse riding when he found the body two days later about 4.40pm on December 10.

He said he thought it might be a drunk person at first.

The trial continues.

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