Accused murderer Shane Anthony Eric Hansen leaves the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday.
Accused murderer Shane Anthony Eric Hansen leaves the Brisbane Supreme Court on Monday. Geoff Egan / ARM NEWSDESK

Murder was linked to bikie shooting: court

MURDERED drug addict Darren Britza was being hunted over the drive-by shooting of a bikie clubhouse the day he was allegedly bashed to death by Bundaberg man Shane Hansen.

The claim emerged during the volatile cross-examination of witness Matthew Ireland who told Brisbane Supreme Court he was present when Britza was killed at a Gold Coast industrial shed in 2001.

Hansen, 36 and former associate Dean Mark Wills, 41, are on trial for the murder of the underworld figure whose skeletal remains were discovered under a rural bridge in the Gold Coast Hinterland, seven years after he disappeared.

The court heard Mr Ireland was regularly commissioned by the owner of the shed - Southport panel beater Paul Dewer - to steal cars and commit other offences to help pay off drug debts.

Mr Ireland told the court that on the day Britza was killed, a tall tattooed man had allegedly arrived at the shed demanding to know who owned a silver car which had apparently been recorded on CCTV firing shots at the Finks clubhouse.

He said that after he told the man Britza had borrowed the car, he was ordered to get him down to the shed.

Mr Ireland said he rang Britza and invited him to the clubhouse to share in some free speed and that he arrived soon after and injected the drug with him. A car carrying the accused and a woman allegedly arrived at the scene.

The prosecution alleges Britza was then bashed to the point where his face "caved in” before his body was wrapped in a tarpaulin and dumped in a remote area.

Wills' barrister Angus Edwards has told the jury it will be up the them to decide who carried out the attack.

In a heated exchange between Mr Ireland and Mr Edwards on Tuesday, the recovering drug addict was accused of repeatedly lying to police and under oath throughout the murder investigation and subsequent court process.

Mr Edwards also suggested the amphetamines Mr Ireland was taking at the time caused him to "make up” the story about the tattooed man - a comment Mr Ireland himself had made at a previous date and that he didn't exist.

An enraged Mr Ireland, who called the high-profile barrister a "dumb a**e” and threatened to walk out, admitting to being "off his head” when previously questioned about the events. He accepted he changed his story several times over the years but insisted he was now telling the truth.

"I was drug f***ed... today I am straight, my life has changed,” Mr Ireland said

"I didn't want to be here today mate. Why would I put myself through this?

"I'm here to tell the truth about me (sic) mate's murder.”

The trial continues.


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