Amanda Kuhl prepares another batch of her famous muesli ready for home delivery.
Amanda Kuhl prepares another batch of her famous muesli ready for home delivery. Jay Cronan

Mum's Muesli gets seal of approval

AMANDA KUHL’S homemade muesli has always been popular with family and friends, including her toughest critics – her two children.

The McLeans Ridges mum has been making the muesli for about 10 years, after getting the base recipe from a friend in New Zealand. Since then, Ms Kuhl has refined and improved it to include a few secret ingredients, blended and coated all over the oats before being roasted in the oven.

She also hand picks the freshest seeds and best quality fruit and nuts to add to the mix.

“Being a big muesli fan, I hunted high and low for a good, healthy and crunchy muesli,” Ms Kuhl said.

“And what I found was mostly disappointing.

“They were either full of sugar, additives or chemicals, or they were dry, chewy and looked like a bag of boring, old uncooked oats with a few small chewy raisins thrown in.

“The odd nice one out there costs the earth and I just can’t bring myself to spend all that money.

“Especially now, when I know how good my own homemade muesli is.”

That’s how Mum’s Muesli was born.

Ms Kuhl only started her business last month, but already she is getting some “really good” feedback.

“A friend of mine had heard how good my muesli was, and she suggested we do this. So it’s all happened pretty quickly,” she said.

“I wanted to find a way to make a bit of extra money to help pay for the bills.”

But she also wanted to share her muesli with the rest of Australia.

“Busy mums can’t always make their own healthy muesli,” Ms Kuhl said.

“So Mum’s Muesli fills a need in the marketplace for a convenient, home delivered, homemade muesli breakfast cereal that is quick to prepare and extremely nutritious.

“In our fast paced world, a healthy breakfast is a rarity these days.

“If Mum’s Muesli can help just a few people start their day right, I’d say my love of making healthy muesli is worthwhile.

“I’ve got some really great ideas for a bit further down the track, too.”

Using quality ingredients, such as rolled oats, bananas, currants, pumpkin and sunflower seeds, cranberries and dates, Ms Kuhl’s muesli can be delivered fresh right around Australia within three to five days.

Ms Kuhl’s famous muesli can be ordered from her new website,

The website also features recipes and more information about the health benefits of muesli.

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