Mums Bree May and Jessica Liebich are crowned the 2014 My Kitchen Rules winners.
Mums Bree May and Jessica Liebich are crowned the 2014 My Kitchen Rules winners. Channel 7

Mums Bree and Jessica battle to My Kitchen Rules victory

ADELAIDE mums Bree May and Jessica Liebich cooked their way to victory in tonight's My Kitchen Rules grand final with a "magnificent" and "memorable" menu.

There were tears as the women were crowned the winners, beating Perth's gourmet travelers Kelly Ramsay and Chloe James by two points and claiming the $250,000 grand prize.

The mums scored straight nines from the panel of six judges, with tough-scoring judge Colin Fassnidge calling their menu a "triumph".

In the mammoth two-hour challenge, the two teams had to serve up 100 plates across five courses.

Both teams started off the night confidently, serving up restaurant-quality entrees.

The judges and guests loved Bree and Jessica's Carpaccio, but wanted more of the horse radish sauce.

"It's a great fresh dish; the whole dish just dances on the palate," Karen Martini said.

Kelly and Chloe also impressed with their spin on the classic Italian Caprese salad.

"Too many times you see classic dishes get reinvented… in this case I think this has worked," Guy Grossi said.

Liz Egan added: "To have made your own cheese, that's just wow."

The mums were slightly behind in their preparation of the second course, with Jessica having to re-roll and cut her pasta for their open scallop lasagna.

But they managed to push through, and their elegant second course was deemed faultless by the judges.

"This is a very fragile, perfect dish," Martini said.

Unfortunately for Chloe and Kelly, two of the judges had bones in their ocean trout.

But their crispy salmon skin was dubbed "pork crackling from the sea" by guest judge Colin Fassnidge.

Both teams were under the pump during preparation for their third courses, frantically throwing sauces and garnishes on plates during the final seconds.

The only critique of the mums' squab dish was the slightly undercooked carrots.

"That bird, that breast, is just perfectly cooked," Grossi said.

"It feels like you're sitting in a restaurant and a very good one that that."

Kelly and Chloe's sweetbreads were well cooked, but it was their reduced mushroom sauce that stole the spotlight.

"Everything that is there is perfectly cooked and has shown such a level of skill that I'm just blown away by it," Egan said.

Martini called the Morel mushroom exquisite. Manu Feildel, who constantly pulled up contestants for not presenting dishes with a sauce, called it the best sauce he'd ever tasted on the show.

The stress became too much for Jessica during preparations for the fourth course after she had dramas with the ice cream and ganache elements of her dessert.

Her family, watching from the sidelines, gave Jessica the confidence boost she needed.

Her and Bree's sophisticated lamb and consume dish didn't show their stress in the kitchen.

"You can talk about the lamb until the cows come home but for me it's the consomme; it's the star of the show here," Grossi said.

Kelly and Chloe's "French rissole" went down a treat but it wasn't the flawless dish they were hoping for.

"This dish is my style of cookery, nose to tail… it's a standout dish again," Fassnidge said.

But Martini and Egan found the sticky sauce too salty, and a repetition of the mushroom sauce from the previous course.

Kelly and Chloe's balanced dessert was let down by the thick shard of rose petal glass.

"The addition of that rose petal glass, it detracts," Pete Evans said.

In contrast, the judges didn't have anything negative to say about Bree and Jessica's deconstructed tart.

"It took me to a little English garden," Grossi said.

"All the flavours are really working together well on this plate."

A few minor faults were the difference between winning and losing.

Tonight's grand final comes just two days after My Kitchen Rules was voted Most Popular Reality Program at Sunday's 56th annual Logie Awards.



Chloe and Kelly - Nouveau

First course: Caprese salad

Second course: Confit ocean trout, with broad bean pesto

Third course:  Veal sweetbreads with Morel mushrooms and pea foam

Fourth course: Pig's trotter Crepinette with crispy pig ears

Fifth course: Rose chocolate with spiced figs and pistachio ice cream

Score: 52/60


Bree and Jessica - Sage

First course: Beetroot Carpaccio with cured salmon

Second course: Open scallop lasagna

Third course: Spice squab, heirloom carrots and pomegranate jus

Fourth course: Ourzo and tomato lamb shanks with wild greens, potatoes and consomme

Fifth course: Deconstructed chocolate and rhubarb tart

Score: 54/60

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