Beachmere boy Jayke Dick, 16, died after crashing a motorbike into a tree beside a dirt track near his home.
Beachmere boy Jayke Dick, 16, died after crashing a motorbike into a tree beside a dirt track near his home. Contributed

'Mum, I think he is dying... quick, help, help'

TANYA Dick was preparing dinner for her family when a child came running up to her house bearing terrible news.

She had just been thinking how her boys Jayke, 16, and Jaidyn, 12, were pushing their evening curfew to the limit.

The boy was screaming out as he approached about 5.45pm on Friday.

"He ran home and said 'Jayke has come off his bike, it's pretty bad, you need to come'," Mrs Dick said.

She jumped in her car and drove about one kilometre from her Beachmere home to an extremely distressing scene.

Jaidyn was trying to resuscitate his lifeless brother as he lay beside a dirt track between the cricket and rugby league fields at Beachmere Sports Complex.

Jayke was wearing just a singlet and shorts, having defied the countless warnings his mum had given him to wear his helmet and safety gear.


Beachmere boy Jayke Dick died after crashing a motorbike into a tree beside a dirt track near his home.
Beachmere boy Jayke Dick died after crashing a motorbike into a tree beside a dirt track near his home. Contributed

The Honda CRX 450R motorbike he had borrowed from a mate was wedged in a bush.

Jayke had come off it at speed and crashed into a tree.

"He (Jaidyn) said 'mum I think he is dying, I think he is dead, quick, help, help'."

Paramedics were already on their way.

A 12-year-old boy, who was one of Jaidyn and Jayke's friends, had called them after being the first person to find Jayke.

He had also raised Jaidyn and the other children who alerted Mrs Dick.

"The ambulance (officer) was on the phone.

"We tried to follow their instructions as best we could until they arrived."

Despite their best efforts, Jayke could not be revived.

Mrs Dick said she had heard her son ride in to her yard only about half an hour before the alarm was raised.

She said Jayke had been out riding then returned to pump up a tyre before going out for one last ride.

No one saw him crash and he could have been lying there for up to 30 minutes.

She said it appeared her son had died instantly, with critical injuries to his neck and skull.

It broke her heart that all of her boy's safety equipment was at home.

However, knowing her son's love of fast riding, she wasn't sure it would have saved him.

"We are guessing he was going over 100kmh at least.

"He wouldn't have been going slow."

She and her husband Stephen Dick have raised their children in Beachmere for the past 15 years.

Jayke played junior rugby league in his primary school years but stopped that when his passion for motorbikes took over.

He had been riding since he was a toddler.

"He couldn't wait to get his own ute, put bikes on the back and camping and go riding."

Jayke went to Beachmere State School and Caboolture State High School before moving to flexible learning school Horizons College last year.

Mrs Dick said her son was to be a school leader as he moved into Year 12 studies this year.

He had focused his learning on construction and engineering skills and planned to be a machinery driver when he finished.

Mrs Dick described Jayke as "one of the few kids you could talk to like an adult".

His death has shocked the tight-knit coastal suburb.

"The community of Beachmere is just devastated," Mrs Dick said.

Support for Jayke's family has been overwhelming.

People have offered their condolences through social media, text messages, phone calls and personal visits.

"The football club is offering counselling to kids in the area.

"All of the kids have gone down and put their footy gear around the tree."

She said she was "holding up".

"I'm devastated, trying to be as strong as I can."

Mrs Dick said she had drummed the importance of wearing motorcycle safety gear into her kids since they first started riding.

"I can't say how many times I've yelled at them when they have gone out the gate."

She had a message for all riders.

"Whether they are going two minutes up the road or two hours away, put a bloody helmet and gear on."

Preparations are being made for Jayke's funeral.

A memorial service is also expected to be held some time in February.

Members of the Beachmere Junior Rugby League Club have set up a fundraising page to help the Dick family with the cost of Jayke's funeral.

For more information visit and search "Jayke (Thomas Andrew) Dick".

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