Mum asked to turn off life support

A FAMILY member of the Ipswich five-month-old who was allegedly badly beaten by her father has told how doctors had considered turning off her life-support machine.

The Ipswich baby, who with her family cannot be named for legal reasons, is in a critical but stable condition on life support after the girl's mother pleaded with doctors to keep her alive.

A close family member said the mother's cries prompted doctors to start a new course of treatment, which turned around the baby's bleak outlook.

On the same day the family member started a Facebook page calling on people to pray for the baby girl, and said the well-wishes were having an impact on her health.

“We started it on the day they were going to take her off life support – they didn't think she would make it – but her mum begged them not to turn it off,” she said.

“She's now in a stable condition but still on life support. She's not out of danger yet.

“They've tried to put her on a ventilator before but it hasn't worked and they've put her back on life support.”

She said she did not know if it was a case of coincidence or divine intervention, but the more prayers and well-wishes that were added, the better the young baby became.

She also said it was a help to the family, who were drawing strength from the fact that so many people supported them.

“I think it's strange, because I've never been a religious person, but her condition takes more steps forwards when more people add prayers,” she said.

“When the prayers slow down she seems to take a step backwards.

“We just really want people to unite and pray for her and send their positives thoughts.”

So far there are close to 2500 members on the Facebook page, with many praying and seeking updates on the five-month-old.

The baby girl was taken to the Ipswich Hospital on March 5 before being transferred to the Mater Hospital's paediatric intensive care unit.

A 22-year-old Flinders View man, who cannot be named as it would reveal the identity of the alleged victim, was charged with grievous bodily harm.

He is remanded in custody and due to appear again before court at a later date.

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