Mullum community embraces bus fundraiser

More than 200 people attended a fundraiser at Mullumbimby High School last Saturday night to raise money for a 22-seat bus for the school’s Special Needs Unit.
Entertainment was provided by Lisa Hunt, and guest speaker, ABC Television journalist Kerry O’Brien, set the scene with a speech about disability access and inclusion in schools and the community.
Even though a final amount is still to be tallied, about $18,000 of the $70,000 target was raised.
School principal Ian Graham said the art auction was a huge success.
“James Jackson and Kerry O’Brien worked the crowd expertly to make the auction entertaining and highly profitable,” he said.
Ten works went under the hammer, with nine sold. The total raised from the auction was $7775.
The art was donated by the artists, and the top-selling piece was Kites and Bikes by Reg Gregor. It was purchased by Chris Hauritz, the principal of Ocean Shores Public School, for $3075.
 Katrina Vanderbyl, a Year 7 student at the school who is enrolled in a support class, donated a piece which sold for $350.
A silent auction which ran through the night raised $2116.
Mullum Rouge performed at intermission, as did Shannon the Strongman, a late addition to the program.
More than 40 businesses donated more than 70 items to the raffles.
“The remarkable thing about this event was the great feeling of community that was very strong,” Mr Graham said.
“Parents, teachers and other community supporters together having a great time for a great cause.
“The feeling got really strong at the end of the night when local businesses started spontaneously handing cash to Kerry O’Brien to top up the proceeds for the night. A really wonderful pledge of $1000 was made by PIS Investments Australia.”
Karen Gross said the school really appreciated the support of all the community and volunteers who assisted in the night and looked forward to a few more events to get to the main goal of $70,000.

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