The only way around the Mudlo Rocks was to walk and even that was a bit tricky on Sunday.
The only way around the Mudlo Rocks was to walk and even that was a bit tricky on Sunday. Craig Warhurst

Mudlo Rocks stop beach traffic

THE ability to get around the Mudlo Rocks and visit some of the best natural attractions in Australia is now a day-by-day proposition.

A continual line of 4WDs dropped down off Griffin Esp onto the golden sand of Rainbow Beach on Sunday, only to be turned back 300 metres south by the notorious Mudlo Rocks.

At low tide the rocks were impassable, even the most radical off road drivers were not risking their vehicles negotiating the beach obstacle.

King tides last weekend scoured metres of sand off the beach exposing the rocks and creating a road block to beach tourists from Noosa.

Rainbow Beach businesshouses have had one of the worst summers on record.

Flooding rains after Christmas and, before that, weeks of inclement weather has seen Queensland hit with one of the wettest summer's on record.

This has kept tourists away from the coastal strip.

Now Rainbow and Tin Can Bay are hoping for a bumper Easter to try and make back some of the money lost during summer.

Easter coincides with Anzac Day this year giving holiday makers a five-day weekend to take in the wonders of the Cooloola Coast.

All they need is for the sand to come back to cover the Mudlo Rocks.

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