Kev and Karen Browne drop into Coffs Harbour.
Kev and Karen Browne drop into Coffs Harbour.

Motorbike for all conditions

SAVING their pennies for 10 years, modifying their Moto Guzzi Spada for five, this English couple’s travels have spanned Europe, Asia and our very own Coffs Coast.

Kev and Karen Browne have travelled to places as diverse as the wilting Kazakhstan at 40°C and the icy Blue Mountains with a wind chill of -6°C on their round-the-world adventure.

They’ve been travelling for one year.

Arriving in Sydney last month, they plan to cruise around Australia for another year before setting out for the United States.

Mrs Browne said the trip was a dream they shared – a notion of how they wanted to live which evolved and evolved until ‘D-day dawned’.

“It has lived up to expectations and we’ve stayed longer than we planned at most places,” Mrs Browne said.

Their bike is equipped with everything needed to be self-sufficient along the road and the attentive add-ons mean the Browne’s Guzzi is the snazziest going, with a roof, winch, windscreen wiper and racks which turn into seats.

The Moto Guzzi Spada is a stand-alone spectacle and the additions have attracted extra attention.

“The bike really stands out and we have completely non-motorbike-type-people stop us and say how amazing it is and ask where we are going and where we have been.”

Despite their ability to set up camp as they choose, the Browne’s have been shown immense hospitality from like-minded people along the way, including local Ulysses president Graeme Herbert.

“Graeme found us on the Australian Internet Guzzi Owners Register and we used Facebook to co-ordinate and stayed with him on Monday night.

“We are fully-equipped to set up camp the whole way around but have been shown so much generosity and people have put us up and contacted us for coffee.

“Even in places with a language barrier like Russia we stayed with people.”

Mrs Browne said she arrived with the rain, making it hard to get a true picture of our coastal town and was planning on escaping the weather and heading to Brisbane for an overlanders’ rally on Friday.

“We like to travel slowly and not rush so we are hoping to come back through Coffs Harbour and experience it without this harsh weather.”

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