Don’t mess with a class, Moccona.
Don’t mess with a class, Moccona.

Classic coffee blend now ‘undrinkable’

MOCCONA has been roasted like never before after hundreds of consumers posted negative reviews about what they say is a big change in the taste of one of its instant coffee selections.

Moccona's Classic Medium Roast (No. 5) has been heavily skewered online and there's even a petition calling on Dutch company Jacobs Douwe Egberts, which owns the brand, to revert to the previous blend.

So far, the petition, calling for 100 signatures and claiming the coffee is "disgusting" and "undrinkable", has 63 respondents.

The petition may be slow to attract drinkers, but there's no shortage of derogatory online comments on Product Review.

More than 380 consumers, out of a total of 415, rated Moccona's Classic Medium Roast as terrible.

Just seven ranked it as excellent and one those dates back eight years.


Moccona’s Classic Medium Roast (No. 5) instant coffee.
Moccona’s Classic Medium Roast (No. 5) instant coffee.

The insulting feedback about the new tasting Classic Medium Roast started to seriously percolate in July.

It's been called everything from "sabotage", "Yuck!" and "bitter tasting" to "filthy".

One person even thought it was a hoax.

Another wrote, "I started drinking Moccona 30 years ago and it has always been my go-to instant coffee. I've never strayed from it but a month or so ago I noticed that the taste and smell was really foul."

It appears the tastebuds don't lie either.

In response to a question on the website, a customer posted what they claimed was an email from Jacobs Douwe Egberts.

The company admitted to having changed the flavour and that it took feedback to "heart" and was "saddened" by their response.

"Our Moccona Brew Masters have recently improved the blend and processes to offer a richer aroma whilst still delivering a high-quality product," the statement read.

"We undertook extensive consumer testing which had positive results and a liking for this richer aroma, which delivers a rounded, balanced medium roast flavour.

"We believe that this is the difference that you have noted as we have upgraded our coffee brewing processes which has meant we can capture more flavour and aroma from each coffee bean.

"If you do prefer a milder blend, we would like to suggest trying our Moccona "French Style No. 3" blend which is a light-medium roast."

Our sister paper The Courier-Mail has contacted Jacobs Douwe Egberts about the feedback, the alleged change in taste of its Classic Roast Medium instant coffee and whether it will revert to the previous flavour.

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