Researchers say we spend too much time looking at screens.
Researchers say we spend too much time looking at screens. Mike Richards

Hold the phone! We spend NINE HOURS a day looking at screens

HONEY. Are you listening? Put your phone down.

The Australian obsession with screens, from computers to smart phones and tablets, appears to be evolving into addiction, with a survey finding there was less shut-eye and more square eyes.

The Medibank Private survey of 1505 people found Australians spent an average of nine hours a day looking at a screen, six for work and three for play.

The figures were consistent across each state, including Queensland and New South Wales.

Indulging in the blue glow of electronics might be entertaining but doctors warn it could contribute to our worsening health.

Medibank national medical director Dr Ian Boyd said parents were more worried about the viewing habits of their children than their own.

"It is worrying that adults are spending more time in front of screens than sleeping, and while they want to change their behaviour, they don't seem to know what to do about it," he said.

He said more than 60% said their children's screen time affects their family time and health.

One finding suggested up to 30% of people avoided screens when not at work, although the report found this could be the result of "a level of denial".

Dr Boyd said more research was needed to deal with the growing attachment to screens in our lives.
More programs are needed if people are to be convinced to unplug and be more active.

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