Will and Steve with judge Colin Fassnidge.
Will and Steve with judge Colin Fassnidge. Tarsha Hosking

MKR's Brits serve up posh fish and chips

POSH pub food went down a treat tonight on My Kitchen Rules.

Will and Steve talked themselves up over the past four episodes and were finally able to show off their skills in the kitchen.

The Pommies recreated a British pub for their instant restaurant The China Plate.

But distractions in the kitchen saw Steve go through three dozen eggs while making his scotch eggs.

Judge Colin Fassnidge called it a "brave and bold" entrée.

 "This scotch egg was spot on," he said.

"There's no real difference between fine dining and pub food if you've got flavours and a good product.

"It's an English dish liked by an Irishman so take it as you will."

Buoyed with confidence, Steve persevered through filleting and pin-boning 11 servings of fish.

Steve and Will fillet their own fish during their instant restaurant in Sydney.
Steve and Will fillet their own fish during their instant restaurant in Sydney. Tarsha Hosking

"Your fish was perfectly cooked. It was spot-on and I didn't get one bone," Colin said.

"For two guys to fillet their own blue eye, which I witnessed, and to get portions like that, everyone the same, hat off to you.

"I know a lot of chefs who struggle to cook like that."

But things went downhill with the dessert after Will failed to recreate the soft sponge of his mum's recipe

He tried to pull a fast one over on the guests by serving up a deconstructed roulade, but he didn't fool Colin.

"You might try to pull the wool over my eyes but that's not a roulade," Colin said.

"Despite the faults it wasn't a total train wreck."

Even with the mediocre dessert Will and Steve still managed to knock Queenslanders Rob and Dave off the top of the leader board.

Katie and Nikki will host the final instant restaurant of the third round tomorrow night.


Will and Steve's menu

Entrée: Scotch egg with herb mayonnaise

Main: Fish and thrice cooked chips with peas and liquor

Dessert: Mrs Stewart's chocolate and hazelnut roulade

Score: 76

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