My Kitchen Rules 2014 Top 5 finalists Thalia and Bianca pictured during their ultimate instant restaurant.
My Kitchen Rules 2014 Top 5 finalists Thalia and Bianca pictured during their ultimate instant restaurant. Alastair Bett

MKR returns with a bang, crash and plenty of tears

THE pressure finally boiled over for MKR young guns Thalia and Bianca last night.

The Tasmanian uni students and best friends went from one disaster to the next while hosting their ultimate instant restaurant.

The bubbly girls were positive going into their three-hour prep time, but the cracks started to show as their fried ravioli deflated as quickly as they put them on the plate.

 "As a dish I'm struggling with it," judge Pete Evans said.

"The fried ravioli do taste good….the silverbeet was pretty much nonexistent. My thought were why didn't you make just a normal beautiful pasta, al dente with a little salsa? It could have just been a stand-out dish and I think you could have had a 10 out of 10."

Thalia and Bianca had more luck with their other entrée, salmon rillettes, which the few who ordered it seemed to enjoy.

The girls started crying as they prepared to serve their mains, seeming to accept defeat with still one more course to go.

They struggled to evenly cook their duck and their potato fish scales were a flop.

"Everything that could have gone wrong did," Thalia said.

"It's gone, we're going home."

But things weren't as bad as they seemed, with judges Pete Evans and Manu Feildel attempting to put the fire back in their bellies.

"I think your emotions might be getting to you because if you had tried what I have you'd be impressed," Evans said.

"The duck was cooked to perfection, falling off the bone.

"This is what I love, this is home cooking at its best. Every mouthful was utterly delicious."

The girls appeared to rally as they prepared, before disaster struck.

Thalia and Bianca have a rough night.
Thalia and Bianca have a rough night.

Unknowingly foreshadowing events to come, Thalia commented how most of the teams ordered their rhubarb and hazelnut tart to "trip" them up.

As she and Bianca left the kitchen to deliver their guests' desserts, Bianca slipped and sent the plates she was carrying crashing down the stairs.

Another wave of tears erupted, with Bianca burying her head in the fridge.

The usual critiques around the dinner table were replaced with sympathetic looks and their competitors offering to share desserts.

 "What I've enjoyed the most about your dessert is that tart base, so thin, so crumbly, so buttery," Feildel said.

"I think it was a beautiful, light tart. The rhubarb I question. It wasn't cooked enough. "

Evans was the only person at the table to taste the other dessert, palm sugar Bavarois.

"Presentation wasn't attractive I must say," Evans said.

"I'm struggling with this dish for a lot of reasons, not only the presentation but the flavour combinations in here. It's really heavily spiced.

"It's good to use spice but it still has to be balanced. It was my least favourite dish of the night."

While a puffy-eyed Thalia and Bianca looked defeated, their final score was much closer to Chloe and Kelly than they'd expected.

Just one point behind the Perth girls, Thalia and Bianca now sit on the bottom of the leader board with two teams left to cook.

They're not out of the running for the Top 4 yet, but they'll need a meltdown by either mums Bree and Jessica or twins Helena and Vikki to make it to the semi-finals.



Entrée: Fried Silverbeet ravioli with basil filling

Entrée: Salmon Rillettes with olive oil crackers

Main: Blue-eye Trevalla with potato scales and pea sauce

Main: Pinot-braised duck with red cabbage and pear salad

Dessert: Palm sugar Bavarois with poached pear

Dessert: Rhubarb and hazelnut tartlet with cinnamon ice cream

Score: 58/100

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