Vikki comforts Jessica during the food truck challenge in Brisbane.
Vikki comforts Jessica during the food truck challenge in Brisbane. Paul Broben

MKR meltdown: heat of the food truck too much for mums

THE final food truck challenged proved to be a spirit breaker on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

Cracks started to show on both sides of the food truck thanks to the added pressure of cooking for 150 diners rather than the normal 100 across two pop-up restaurants at South Bank in Brisbane.

South Australian mum Jessica had the major meltdown of the day, breaking down in tears twice during the lunch service challenge.

She and team mate Bree were the head chef and maitre d' of the white apron group, facing off against Chloe and Kelly as the leaders of the black apron group.

Chloe and Kelly's advantage for winning Wednesday's building site lunch challenge was to choose four tubs of the most desirable ingredients for their menu.

They choose fruit, mackerel, squid and lamb, leaving the white apron group with Moreton Bay Bugs, Spatchcock, nuts and kangaroo.

Jessica appeared to psych herself out, talking so much about the added responsibility of being head chef that the job seemed impossible.

Bree gives Jessica some tough love.
Bree gives Jessica some tough love. Paul Broben

As prep time quickly got away from her and Bree, it became all too much for Jessica and she retreated to a corner of the truck just a minute before the start of service.

 "We're not dead in the water yet," food truck boss and guest judge Colin Fassnidge said.

While Kelly and Chloe also struggled to get their seafood appetiser plated on time, they withstood the pressure and were quick on their feet to use lemon juice to finish curing their mackerel.

The judges enjoyed their dainty appetiser over Bree and Jessica's undercooked and unappealing Moreton Bay Bugs.

Disarray continued for the white apron group during the main course service.

The usually organised mums couldn't devise a system for service and after a mountain of dockets piled up and one table of customers left without paying, Jessica left the truck in tears.

"I'm feeling so ashamed; I'm feeling useless," she said.

Luckily, Paul and Blair and Thalia and Bianca helped the white apron group rebound with two faultless main courses.

"This is just exquisite," Pete Evans said about Thalia and Bianca's squid.

"I've got to say you're the team to watch at the moment."

The black apron group's main course service wasn't without its own drama, with Anna and Cathy's lamb going cold before it reached diners.

Once their timing issues were sorted, the mother and daughter were saved by their classic flavour combinations.

"This is a beautiful dish… it's a perfect marriage of flavours," Evans said.

MKR judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans in Brisbane.
MKR judges Manu Feildel and Pete Evans in Brisbane. Paul Broben

While the white apron group continued to improve in the final course of the day, the black team faltered.

"This dessert hasn't hit the highs of the first three dishes," Evans said of Carly and Tresne's profiteroles.

Twins Helena and Vikki helped the white apron group finish on a high.

"It's beautiful presentation… there's a lot of different textures in there," Manu Feildel said.

In the end each team had one disappointing dish, the entrée for the white apron group and the dessert for the black apron group.

But Helena and Vikki's beautifully presented dessert wasn't enough to save the white apron group from a chaotic few hours.

While Kelly and Chloe's advantage certainly helped the black apron team win, it appears customers paid more money for the black apron group's menu because of their organisation and prompt service.

Tomorrow night, the four teams from the losing white apron group will cook-off against each other in Kitchen HQ to determine which team will face Josh and Danielle in sudden death.


Lunch menus

White apron group

Appetiser: Grilled Moreton Bay Bugs with citrus salad

Main: Grilled Indonesian Spatchcock with coconut green beans and chili lime sauce

Main: Spiced kangaroo with Garam Masala potatoes and Kachumber salad

Dessert: Macadamia and pistachio with honey custard and Crostoli


Black apron group

Appetiser: Salt-cured Spanish mackerel with watercress salad and wasabi mayonnaise

Main: Lamb rump with asparagus and spring bean salad

Main: Mediterranean stuffed squid with roasted tomato salsa

Dessert: White chocolate profiteroles with summer berry compote

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