Gina and Anna pictured during their instant restaurant in Canberra.
Gina and Anna pictured during their instant restaurant in Canberra. Geoff Comfort

MKR elimination: Gina and Anna don't live up to the hype

COULD there be a Canberra curse on My Kitchen Rules?

Competitive mother and daughter Gina and Anna were the first team eliminated from the reality show tonight after serving up three below par dishes.

They follow last year's ACT team Andrew and Emelia, who were also the first to be sent home.

The calming blue theme of Gina and Anna's instant restaurant Aquazure didn't transfer into the kitchen, where the women had issues with all three courses despite claims the dishes were tried and tested family favourites.

While their entrée looked nice, the fish was overcooked and lacked seasoning.

 "I think the most disappointing part of this dish is the salad itself; it's soggy and slimy and the orange and aioli don't go well together," judge Manu Feildel said.

"We had huge expectations for you girls… you talked about your passion and your knowledge and we thought bang. You've got two more dishes, we need to see the Gina and the Anna that you've talked about."

The dinner guests then waited more than two hours for the main course as Anna had to whip up a pasta replacement for her gnocchi and Gina sweated over the flavour balance of the duck ragu.

Anna and Gina get a visit from Manu Feildel during their instant restaurant.
Anna and Gina get a visit from Manu Feildel during their instant restaurant. Geoff Comfort

As Robert pointed out, he could have gone out, hunted the duck and had it "ready to go" in less than the time it took Gina and Anna to serve their main course.

 "It's been tough hasn't it?" Manu asked.

"The ragu itself I think is fantastic. The flavour is strong like a ragu should be, so one box ticked.

"The pasta could have been great but you overcooked it. We waited a long time and the ragu is great but the pasta is not."

Things became awkward, as Ash put it, when Gina and Anna repeatedly interrupted the judges during their critiques of the main course.

Trying to cut into the generous dessert was, as Shaz said, like a "mini excavation" trying to cut into the overcooked tart shells.

"Big dessert, but the amount of prunes you put on there it was just like whoa," Manu said.

"The biggest mistake out of all was this tart shell. I just couldn't get through it."

The guest teams gave Gina and Anna a combined score of just 18 out of 50, the lowest of all six teams.

Their final score of 40 sealed their fate and the big-talking Canberrans were eliminated.

"This is a nightmare. It's just embarrassing and horrible," Anna said.

"Our biggest regret is we didn't realise how tough it was going to be… and it's been our undoing."

The second round of instant restaurants starts tomorrow night with Toowoomba's Sheri and Emilie.


Gina and Anna's Menu

Entrée: Salt and pepper flathead fillets with lime aioli

Main: Rotolo of gnocchi and duck ragu with crispy sage

Dessert: Crème Patissiere tarts with prunes in port syrup

Score: 40

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