Mikkayla Mossop with host Sonia Kruger
Mikkayla Mossop with host Sonia Kruger Paul Broben

Mikkayla 'the cat' lands on her feet after Big Brother exit

'THE CAT' Mikkayla Mossop has used up her nine lives on Big Brother.

The bossy housemate was evicted tonight after losing the popularity stakes against "frenemy" Tahan and intruder-turned-full-fledged housemate Boog.

Nicknamed 'the cat with nine lives' for her ability to dodge eviction, Mossop said an emotional farewell to dog Mr Clooney before heading to the eviction show stage.

"Although it's sad that it's over now, it's so fulfilling and I'm so excited," she told host Sonia Kruger.

"I was 100 per cent myself the whole time, some people didn't like that, some people did."

The 24-year-old said she wasn't the instigator of the divide in the house, which has seen Tim and Tahan pitted against the other housemates.

"There is a divide; it's something that's happened very naturally and as the numbers increase of course there's going to be a big gap between them."

Tahan, with whom she's had an on-off relationship, has suddenly come into contention for the grand prize.

Mossop described the NT beauty as a "gun".

"She's one of the most interesting and strong women I've ever met. She's a machine, a gun," she said

"(She's) so unapologetic about everything she says and does, It's what makes her her.

"The last couple of weeks I've started to think she might win. It'd be great, hilarious if she won."

Big Brother airs week days at 7pm on Channel 9/WIN.


Big Brother eviction voting results:

Mikkayla: 25.0%

Boog: 26.7%

Tahan: 48.3%

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