Midwives questioned about newborn baby's death

MIDWIVES from Murwillumbah District Hospital gave evidence as the inquest into the death of baby Jack Brandao-Magalhaes entered its second day yesterday.

Caroline Chandler and Robyn Brazel were questioned over their part in Amylee Brandao Magalhaes' traumatic labour two years ago at the hospital.

The Crown and Mrs Brandao Magalhaes' legal team questioned the midwives in order to piece together the events that occurred in the lead up to and during the expecting mother's admission at Murwillumbah District Hospital at 8pm on January 1, 2014.

The midwives were questioned about a numerous delays encountered during Mrs Brandao Magalhaes' labour and transfer to Tweed Heads Hospital.

In particular, Ms Chandler and Ms Brazel were asked about why a continuous heart rate monitor wasn't applied to Mrs Brandao Magalhaes' earlier during her time at the hospital.

Since Mrs Brandao Magalhaes' admission to the Murwilumbah hospital, Ms Brezel told the court she'd identified two "dips" in baby Jack's heart rate, one below the normal parameters and the next just on the minimum, at 8.30pm and 9.20pm.

Ms Brazel said that based on her clinical judgment she didn't see the dips as a concern despite Barrister for the Crown, Adam Casselden SC's referring to expert statements saying continuous heart monitoring should have started at 8.30pm rather than around 9.30pm.

She said a busy ward triggered her to call in assistance in Ms Chandler, who arrived at 9.15pm.

By 9.40pm after identifying another "dip" in Jack's heart rate, Ms Chandler said she accepted Mr Casselden SC's suggestion there was variable, complicated deceleration of baby Jack's heart rate.

Ms Brazel was also quizzed about the length of time it took to transfer the patient from Murwillumbah to Tweed Heads Hospital, where Mrs Brandao Magalhaes arrived at around 11pm. 

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