WE SAY: No justification in chasing friend of accused

MEMBERS of the media come in for a fair bit of criticism over their behaviour. Sometimes it's deserved and sometimes it's not.

Yesterday's incident outside Caboolture Court House is a case in point.

A woman, believed to be a friend of alleged killer Stevee Jane Kennedy, was being pursued down the street by reporters and film crews.

She was pushing a child in a stroller at the time.

At one point, video of the incident appears to show her poke a burning cigarette into the face of a TV reporter.

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Was it the right thing to do?

Absolutely not.

But it was no less right for a crowd of media to pursue a young woman and child down a public street.

It might be different if she was an alleged criminal and the media was asking questions on behalf of the community.


But there were no allegations against this woman.

Her only "crime" was to turn up to a friend's court case.

She should be allowed to walk the street in peace - just like everyone else.

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