Masseur sexual assault case adjourned to Wednesday

IN COURT: Police arrest Timothy Moffatt, who has since been found guilty of sexual assault, outside his business in 2014.
IN COURT: Police arrest Timothy Moffatt, who has since been found guilty of sexual assault, outside his business in 2014. Trevor Veale

SIX victims took to the stand and described the impacts the actions of Timothy Moffatt had on their lives.

Moffatt, 68, fronted court with 58 charges of assault with act of indecency and one charge of sexual intercourse without consent.

These female victims had their statements heard at the Coffs Harbour District Court on Monday.

Police Detective Daniel Trotman read out a further five victim impact statements on the behalf of victims.

Another victim impact statement was tendered to the court.

A non-publication order was ordered by Judge David Frearson to protect the identities of the victims.

One victim said she felt embarrassed after she went to Moffatt for a remedial back massage and was sexually assaulted

"I live with the regret and guilt of not reporting it to police earlier," the victim said.

The victim said she continually nagged herself for actually paying for the massage afterwards.

Another victim, reading her statement direct to Moffatt, said his actions of indecent assault left her humiliated and violated.

"My self-esteem, confidence and state of mind were totally shattered. My health deteriorated from that time," she said.

"Unfortunately since my experience with Mr Moffatt, I have had to work very hard to trust someone who is treating me, especially a massage therapist."

In another statement, read out by Det Trotman, the victim explained how her experience with Moffatt changed her from being a once confident woman to questioning whether Moffatt was following her outside the massage parlour.

The victim said Moffatt allegedly harassed her with phone calls.

"The constant phone calls left me shaken," Det Trotman read on behalf of a victim.

"Each message made my skin crawl.

"Was he following me? Did he know where I lived? Worked? Is he stalking me?"

From the victim's impact statement, Det Trotman read to the court the victim felt vulnerable and had to change her route to work by two blocks to avoid driving past the parlour.

"Psychologically this event has left me feeling powerless, stressed and mentally weaker which has resulted in anxiety," Det Trotman read on behalf of a victim.

"To this day, some years later, I still have not been able to bring myself to have a massage for relaxation or medical purposes.

"Even today, to make a simple medical appointment, I need to reach out to friends and family discussing times and dates that fit in around their busy lives, just to ensure that I have another person present during my appointments."

Moffatt was due to be sentenced on Monday but his defence lawyer issued a report on Friday suggesting he was diagnosed as having autism.

Judge Frearson said this was a "very belated diagnosis" and further examination of the medical report was needed.

The sentencing was adjourned until Wednesday morning.

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