A BRISBANE man has found a nifty way to out-manoeuvre renewing his driver's licence - just jump on the mobility scooter.

The man was filmed amazingly taking on morning traffic down one of the city's most busiest roads - Coronation Drive - on Thursday.

'Driving' in the right-hand lane at a cruising speed of "about 10 kilometres an hour", the unidentified man forced buses and cars to take evasive action to pass him.

Should mobility scooter's riders be licensed?

This poll ended on 31 December 2017.

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Yes - They're using a vehicle.


No - Bike rider's don't need a licence.


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One commuter even swerved into oncoming traffic to pass the log jam of cars built up behind the man.

Chris Jones, who filmed the video, said the initial comedic shock of the situation quickly gave way to concern as the traffic increasingly began to snarl.

"There was a bus behind him trying to get past and a whole lot of traffic behind him," Mr Jones told the Brisbane Times.

Mr Jones said police eventually "chased him down the street" but the scooter bandit reportedly made a clean getaway.


  • By law, wheelchairs or mobility scooters used by people with a mobility impairment can't travel on a road unless there is an obstruction on a footpath, nature strip, or bicycle path or travels less than 50m to avoid an obstruction
  • Mobility scooter users need to remember they still have to act like pedestrians, and not motor vehicles
  • Although a motorised wheelchair can be registered with the Department of Transport and Main Roads, this does not mean they can be used to travel on roads like motor vehicles, and they should use footpaths wherever possible."

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