Man snapped sitting on couch in the middle of the road

A PHOTO of a man sitting on a couch in the middle of the Auckland Harbour Bridge has caused a sensation on social media.

The image, which appears to have been snapped by an occupant of a passing vehicle, shows the man wearing a checked shirt and cap sitting on the couch seemingly watching the cars go by.

The couch is positioned on the median barrier strip painted on the road on the North Shore bound side of the bridge.

Inspector Tony Edwards of Auckland Police said the man had been waiting with the couch on the bridge after it fell off the back of a vehicle.

"He was in a car transporting some furniture, I don't know what kind of car presumably a ute or something, and the chair fell off the back of the vehicle so the occupants of the car dropped one of the members off and they were going to do a circuit and come back to pick him up.

"He was there waiting and decided he would have a seat while waiting."

Mr Edwards said the man was removed from the bridge a short time afterwards by police.

He said he was unsure if the man or his friends had been given any tickets.

"They are committing an offense by blocking the road. He was blocking the road and my understanding, although I haven't seen the image, was making little attempt to move."
He said the incident occurred just after 1pm.

The image was uploaded three hours ago on photo sharing site Imgur. It has so far been viewed almost 1000 times.

- NZ Herald

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