Man jailed for violent assault with mate

AARON James Kitson's victim was so frightened by his attacker, he fled his cabin, jumped out of the bathroom window, ran across the street and hid behind a wheelie bin at a service station.

Kitson yesterday entered pleas of guilty on six charges in Gladstone District Court, including aggravated burgulary, common assault and wilful damage.

He was sentenced to three years imprisonment by judge Michael Burnett.

On June 7, 2014, Kitson had been drinking with friends during the day.

In a series of events he struggles to recollect, he persistently asked one of his acquaintances, "Do you want to fight?".

He and a co-offender then proceeded to attack the other man, kicking him until he was on the ground, where they continued to attack him, kicking him to the head "four or five times".

The victim retreated to his cabin at a Gladstone caravan park where the two men followed him, broke down the door and threw contents of the residence around.

The victim was at one point so distressed, he fled out of the bathroom window to seek refuge behind a wheelie bin.

Kitson will be eligible for parole on November 3, 2015

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