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Man jailed after stalking ex-partner for two weeks

A MAN who stalked his ex-partner for more than two "terrifying" weeks broke into her unit, held a knife to her cheek, threatened her and forced her to cower in her ensuite bathroom.

Jason David Scammell, 41, appeared in Southport District Court late last week where he pleaded guilty to unlawful stalking (domestic violence offence), enter premise and commit indictable offence and other charges.

Judge Catherine Muir sentenced him to jail for two years with immediate parole.

The court heard at first, Scammell's offending in November 2019, was persistent rather than threatening.

The 41-year-old would follow his ex-partner of 16 months, whom he lived with, to her house, work, and to a park where she walked her dog.

In one week he sent her 100 messages across all platforms and called her numerous times.

On November 21 last year, as the victim let her dog out momentarily, Scammell barged his way into the unit and put a steak knife to her cheek.

The court heard Scammell was "aggressive and angry" and said he was going to "F**k her". He then told her to stab him to death because he couldn't live any more without her.

Scammell forced the victim into a car so they could speak. They eventually separated and police were called.

Soon after, he broke into the unit forcing the victim to cower in the ensuite bathroom.

Judge Muir said Scammell acted in a deplorable way to people whom he supposedly loved.

"You said things to her such as 'I've got your keys' and you constantly expressed wanting the complainant back in your life, in circumstances where she is clearly stating to you that's not what she wanted," she said.

"Your conduct became very bizarre and erratic.

"This is a very serious example of unlawful stalking, it's concerning that your offending escalated."

Crown prosecutor Kathleen Christopherson said it was a terrifying situation for the victim and the impact was ongoing.

Defence barrister Sarah Thompson, instructed by Buckland Allen Lawyers, said her client had a rough upbringing and left home in his early teens.

She said he had battled addiction for a quarter of century and had long standing mental health issues, including a dependent personality trait.

The court heard he had already served 141 days in custody where he is receiving help.

Originally published as Man jailed after stalking ex-partner for two weeks

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