CHARGES: Kain Cox leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court.
CHARGES: Kain Cox leaves Ipswich Magistrates Court. Ross Irby

Man in court for can of bourbon

"ANNOYED” when his mate stole a 10-pack of bourbon from a Redbank liquor store, Kain Cox says he walked out.

His big mistake was drinking a can of the stolen bourbon mix when his mate offered.

As a consequence, Cox was himself charged with stealing the alcohol and went before Ipswich Magistrates Court.

Kain Timothy John Cox, 20, from Cleveland, pleaded guilty to stealing from BWS in Redbank Plaza on November 15; and committing a public nuisance at Goodna on September 22.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Narelle Krushka said Cox and another male entered the Woolworths-owned liquor store at 1.25pm.

One male went to a fridge, put a 10-pack of Jack Daniels Bourbon mix down the front of his pants and left the store.

CCTV helped police identify one offender as Cox.

Cox said his mate stole the liquor and he was annoyed.

But he admitted he drank one can of the stolen alcohol and was party to the offence.

In an incident in September, Sen-Constable Krushka said police received multiple calls at 4pm to attend a house in Goodna.

The calls were about a young male visiting houses, hitting doors and shouting obscenities.

Police arrived in the street and saw two males wrestling on a footpath.

Cox was highly agitated, telling the officers he went to a house "to sort things out” and was punching the door to try to get in. He also stood on a footpath yelling obscenities at a male resident.

Defence lawyer Trevor Hoskin said Cox had been dealt with in October for an assault matter and if the public nuisance offence was dealt with then it was unlikely Cox would have received further punishment than the 180-hour unpaid community service work order.

"He is convicted (stealing) by his own admission. His co-offender Mr Heath is in jail,” Mr Hoskin said.

"He (Cox) left the store annoyed. But Mr Heath says, here, do you want one of these, then he couldn't resist and had one.”

Mr Hoskin said Cox was a father to two children and has put past drug issues behind him with the arrival of a young son.

Magistrate Tracy Mossop said Cox admitted his guilt but was risking jail time because of his previous history.

Ms Mossop accepted he was complying with the 180-hour work order.

She convicted him of both offences with no further punishment.

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