Man hit woman, 64, four times with concrete brick

A 64-YEAR-OLD woman was out for her morning walk in Gatton when she was brutally attacked by a man armed with a concrete brick.

The woman, Roslyn Hutton, thought the 20-year-old man was in need of directions when he gestured for her to come towards him at 6.20am. His intentions were a lot more sinister though.

When Mrs Hutton was close enough, the man pushed her in the chest then swung a besser block at her, which struck her in the left side of the head.

The man hit his victim with the block again, which knocked her to the ground.

He then struck her a third time, before crossing the road to pick up another jagged piece of concrete, which he used to cast a final blow.

At Ipswich District Court, the attacker Andrew William Swan appeared in the dock to plead guilty to charges relating to the attack on January 1, 2014.

The offences included assault occasioning bodily harm while armed and attempted robbery while armed. He was also charged with two counts of entering premises for unrelated matters.

Crown prosecutor Peter O'Connor said a nearby resident had been alerted to the attack after he was woken by barking dogs.

The resident saw Swan standing behind Mrs Hutton with his arms around her shoulders "like he was trying to drag her".

At that point, Mrs Hutton managed to get loose and Swan fled the scene.

Mrs Hutton sustained multiple injuries, which included numerous cuts to the head, severe bruising and a haematoma.

Defence barrister Steve Kissick said Swan attacked the woman in an unplanned attempt to rob her.

He said Swan's offending had been fuelled by alcohol and drugs and his client had a "great deal of remorse and regret" for his actions.

Before Swan was brought into Ipswich Court on Friday, he had spent 449 days in jail awaiting a final verdict and sentence on his attack.

Mr Kissick said Swan, now 22, had taken steps towards rehabilitation during his time in jail.

He said his client was now focused on finding employment and becoming a productive member of society.

Judge Deborah Richards said Swan was fortunate that Mrs Hutton's injuries weren't more serious.

"This was a persistent attack on a woman who was in a vulnerable situation," she told Swan.

"You hit her with besser blocks to the head; I can't imagine how frightening that must have been for her."

Judge Richards noted Swan had previous convictions for violence.

He was sentenced to five years in jail and will be eligible on parole on December 24.


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