Melissa doing her thing.
Melissa doing her thing.

Make most of holiday swells

SO WHEN are we going to get some decent waves for the school holidays?

Granted this first week has not produced much, just a mix of small S to ESE swells. Not quite enough to fire up the points properly.

But occasionally there's been just enough juice to make a few beaches worth an early session. Most folks have been keeping an eye on a tropical low near New Zealand's North Island.

Yet I'm not really sold on it producing much swell. It could produce an extra pulse of E/SE swell on Friday if we're lucky. But I suspect that system will have little to do with what's coming our way.

Rather it's the high in the Coral Sea and the low that's just crossed our East Coast that should interest us most.

The low to the south will intensify briefly and may produce a reasonable-sized mid-period (10-13sec) south to southeast swell maybe even up to 2m or more. We should see this arriving in our region this afternoon. Meanwhile, the high could produce a smaller but longer period (12-15sec) trade wind swell around 1-1.5m. This will most likely show up Sunday, as the south swell fades away.

These two consecutive swells could supply waves for at least two, and maybe as long as four to five, days.

Steve and Mick talking sticks.
Steve and Mick talking sticks. Inbyronbaytodaycom

So grab what you can while it's around over the weekend. Because it could just as easily blow a howl-ing northeast and be nothing more than lumpy northeast wind swell by mid next week.

As far as the wind is concerned, it's going to be all over the place.

The forecast reads like this: Fri: S/SE, Sat: N/NW, Sun: SE/ESE, Mon E/NE, wind all days around 15-20 knots.

Now this is bureau speak for we don't really know what's going to blow because there are highs and lows everywhere.

So best bet is to wet your finger and stick it out the window. You'll soon figure out where the wind is coming from.

Good luck and I hope you score some waves for your holidays.

Remember to have fun, wait your turn, and surf today like you want to surf again tomorrow.

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