Geelong's Josh and Danielle.
Geelong's Josh and Danielle. LeoPhotography

Mad food scientists Josh and Danielle eliminated from MKR

THE My Kitchen Rules experiment is over for Geelong's Josh and Danielle.

The science-loving cooks were eliminated in the first of two knock-out rounds on the reality cooking show tonight.

The couple struggled across all three challenges.

After Perth mates Kelly and Chloe won a 10-minute fish filleting challenge they were given an advantage going into the next round.

The so-called MKR "villains" were given the power to decide which teams would cook with three different ingredients: trout, lemons and limes and brains.

Despite the irony that could have been had giving the twins the brains, who constantly talk about sharing a brain, Kelly and Chloe took a major risk by cooking the brains themselves.

They gave Josh and Danielle the trout and the citrus went to Helena and Vikki.

Kelly and Chloe managed to cook the brains well, and earned themselves a spot in the Top 5.

"You've tossed a coin, and was I impressed? You bet I was," judge Manu Feildel said.

"Those brains were just perfection on the plate. "

The trout Josh and Danielle served to the judges was perfectly poached, but the piece served to Pete Evans still had a bone in it.

Evans found a bone in his trout…

The twins, meanwhile, didn't cook their fish long enough.

"My first few bites out of your dish girls, 10 out of 10," Evans said.

"You had to highlight lemons and you managed to do that, but there was one thing severely wrong. The centre of my Barramundi was raw."

That left Josh and Danielle to battle against Helena and Vikki in the final elimination round.

Feildel told the two teams pull out their "secret weapons" in the final round, in which they had 90-minutes to serve up their signature dish.

"Make a statement and make it loud," he said.

Helena and Vikki struggled with nearly all of the elements in their dessert, but managed to plate up a nearly completed dish.

Josh and Danielle's miscalculation of how long their beef cheeks would take to cook ended up costing them their spot on the show.

While the judges praised the couple for thinking on their feet, by quickly cooking up some eye fillet to replace their beef cheek, the result wasn't a signature dish.

More of Josh and Danielle's initials, rather than their signature as Guy Grossi put it.

"We might be out of the competition now but Danielle and I are still a winning formula," Josh said.

Feildel's new cooking travel show My France With Manu debuts on Sunday night, meaning the other three teams won't fight it out in the second knock-out round until Monday night.

Then the final five teams are expected to go back to their home kitchens in the new ultimate instant restaurant round.


Round 2 Dishes

Helena and Vikki: Lemon-poached Barramundi with crispy potatoes and leek puree

Kelly and Chloe: Crispy brains with lentils and green sauce

Josh and Danielle: Confit ocean trout with Asian herb salad and deep-fried Brussels sprouts


Round 3 Dishes

Josh and Danielle: Mexican-spiced beef in broth

Score: 35/60

Helena and Vikki: Greek walnut cake with vanilla Crème Anglaise

Score: 39/60

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