Karen Nangala Woodley is taking a stand against her sons bullies.
Karen Nangala Woodley is taking a stand against her sons bullies. Zarisha Bradley

Mackay mums hold anti-bullying rally

AGGRAVATED Mackay mums have united against bullying after an online thread outlined what each of their children were going through in the school yard, reaching "over 700 comments".

Dianne Kendrick was up until 2.30am stressing about the safety of these children when she decided to hold a march 'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH'.

She said she's had overwhelming interest from hundreds of people, as well as had organisations ask to sponsor the event.

'ENOUGH IS ENOUGH' will see the public unify through the streets of Mackay Sunday 11 February from 9am starting at the show grounds.

"I will fight for all kids, not just mine all of them," she said.

"The government don't want the problems, they want the answer so okay we'll give it to them."

Another mother, who has endured sleepless nights from her sons bullying and is a strong advocate for change, shared her grief.

Karen Nangala Woodley is down to the last straw with her son's bully after the bully photographed him at school and mocked him on a popular computer game.

The East Mackay mum is also taking a stand.

She feels her 13-year-old son is being targeted because he has special needs, Tourette syndrome, a speech impediment and is Aboriginal.

"My son is extremely upset. He doesn't want to go to school," she said, trying to remain strong.

She's surprised at the behaviour given the intense focus on cyber bullying after the recent death of 14-year-old Dolly Everett, who took her own life.

"If people think I'm over-reacting, my response to that is you ask Dolly's parents or any other parent who has lost their child through this despicable behaviour... you ask them if I'm over-reacting."

"I will not be a mother who buries her child because of this. I will not!"

She wishes her son's bullies could see the trauma they are causing.

"He doesn't see my son at home. He doesn't see my son not wanting to go to school because his anxiety levels are that high. He's fearful. He cries."

She said one of her son's friends, who discovered his photograph being mocked on the computer game, was now "absolutely terrified" he will be targeted for telling an adult.

Ms Woodley said she was "concerned" for the friend, who had "done one of the most brave things that a kid of his age can do" and needed to be supported.

Ms Woodley said her son's school has been supportive in the situation and had implemented strategies to help him and his group of friends, as well as any other students who had been bullied.

But one suggestion, to "set aside a room for my son and his friends to go into during lunch", has upset her.

"Don't isolate the victims," she said.

Ms Woodley has contacted police and said an investigation was under way. She also plans to seek legal advice.

"This is an insidiousness that has pervaded our society and we have to do something about it now... we can implement something as a society, I'm sure of it," she said.

"We can't wait, we have to do something, otherwise we are going to lose more kids."

Mackay Crime Prevention Unit Sergeant Nigel Dalton said he's very much aware bullying is occurring, but it's "very under reported".

He's urging victims of bullying to come forward with evidence as "there is almost always a piece of legislation that covers it".

He wanted to urge that bullying doesn't just happen at school, but in the workplace and at home as well.

Sergeant Dalton said no matter the instance, a bystander is the most powerful person to stop the situation in that they're a witness to the bullying and can provide evidence.

Evidence is the most critical part in reporting bullying.

He encourages bystanders to record situations, get help, scream, shout, run or dial 000 if need be.

Sergeant Nigel Dalton provides primary and high schools internet safety and bullying talks 10-12 times a term.

"I don't think there's one school in Mackay that I haven't been called to... I go regularly," he said.

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