STANDING: Green's candidate for Richmond, Michael Lyon
STANDING: Green's candidate for Richmond, Michael Lyon Contributed

Lyon ready to run in Richmond

BYRON Shire Councillor Michael Lyon has finally finished up after six years as the general manger of Santos Organics.

During his time there he succeeded in changing to a not-for-profit that donates net proceeds to environmental causes.

He will now prepare for the upcoming Federal election as the endorsed Greens candidate for Richmond.

Mr Lyon said he will be continuing to shine a light on the issues of housing affordability in the shire after being at the forefront of criticising the state government's recent policy announcement regarding Short Term Holiday Letting.

"The impact of Airbnb particularly hits Byron Bay and other coastal areas," he said.

"The problem stems from some seeing real estate and housing as a trade-able commodity and the means to invest money.

"We need to look carefully at negative gearing and the other incentives such as capital gains discounts that are given to investors that make it easier and cheaper for them to buy their fifth house than it is for young people to get their first home.

"More than this, we need to see housing as a social benefit and it is too important to be left just to an unregulated market to sort out."

Mr Lyon said he believes the Federal election is coming next year as planned but revealed the Greens were preparing for it to take place as early as September 15 this year.

"It all depends on how things go for the Federal coalition following the five by-elections scheduled for so-called Super Saturday later this month," he said.

"Whatever happens we need to see major reform to the system of political donations so that there is less capacity for, as an example, energy companies to fund and therefore influence both sides of politics."

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