Lucky snap becomes Byron Bay gain

THE image of the hand and the whale's tale has become a viral sensation online and the unofficial image of Byron Bay.

Double Shakas! #GoPro #LiveUnbound #Freedive #ByronBay #Shaka

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Darwin's Kyle Taylor was in Byron Bay some months ago when he snapped an image that has quickly become viral.

He was in the area as an ambassador for GoWorx, a company that designs accessories for GoPro cameras and smartphones.

The addition of the #ByronBay hashtag has given the image a direct association with the town.

We had a chat to Mr Taylor about the shot.

- What do you do as an ambassador for GoWorx?

Basically I test and use these products to capture my best moments in a different perspective and also promote the company as well as they share my content.


- How did you get that image?

This was taken using a GoPro Hero 4 during a freedive a few kilometres off the coast of Byron, during winter 2015.

- Did you expect the image to go viral?

No, I did not expect this image to go as viral as it did, but this is also good for me to get my images out to the rest of the world.

- Have you had images liked so many times on social media before?

No I haven't. This was my most popular image by far, reaching millions of likes and views in total from everyone that has shared it.

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