Love triangle leads to murder and life sentence

MURDERER Adam James Gooley was in love with a woman who had an abusive partner.

It was a complicated love triangle that continued for years until Gooley, now 34, noticed bruises on his lover's skin.

The Lismore man believed she was terrified to be in her Gold Coast house where she lived with the other man, Shyam "Sam" Dhody.

An outraged Gooley drove to Lismore to collect his father's rifle, later firing 10 shots into Mr Dhody's head as he slept in his bed in Gilston.

Gooley was sentenced in Brisbane Supreme Court on Friday to serve life behind bars after he pleaded guilty to murdering Mr Dhody.

He also pleaded guilty to attempting to murder Mr Dhody with a crowbar four months before the shooting.

The court heard Gooley met Melissa Shaw in 2008. They had an on and off again relationship.

Mr Dhody did not know about the love affair.

Crown prosecutor Dennis Kinsella told the court Gooley was outraged when he found bruises on Ms Shaw and told her family members "I won't let the c**ksucker touch her ever again".

Gooley's defence barrister John Allen said his client was also outraged when he heard Ms Shaw had sought employment as a prostitute and blamed Mr Dhody for not providing for her.

"It's his love for her that is the background of these offences," Mr Allen said.

"The catalyst of the offending was Mr Gooley responding to what he saw as domestic violence…"

The court also heard Gooley had suffered heart failure and received a heart transplant in October 2013, just two months after the shooting.

Justice David Boddice said it was an unusual case because not many people pleaded guilty to murder. But he said the attack was brutal.

"This murder was a serious example of murder," he said.

"It involved pre-meditation on your part. It involved a brutality: 10 shots, each of which required reloading. That is significant brutality in the circumstances and every one of those shots was to the head."

Justice Boddice said domestic violence did not justify Gooley taking another person's life.


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