LNP appeals for donations to secure seat of Griffith

LESS than 24 hours after a tearful Kevin Rudd resigned from parliament, Queensland's Liberal National Party began appealing to supporters for donations to win a coming by-election in Brisbane.

The most likely contender to stand for the LNP pre-selection remains Bill Glasson - who stripped Mr Rudd's considerable margin down to 53% at the September 7 poll.

But just in case, LNP state director Brad Henderson today sent a message to the party's supporters, saying the people of Griffith had a chance for a "strong local voice" in the new Federal Government.

The message revealed the LNP has already established a "Griffith Fighting Fund" to win Labor's long-held inner Brisbane seat.

"The Griffith by-election is an opportunity to send 'Electricity Bill Shorten and Labor a strong message to stop playing games," Mr Henderson's message reads.

He said Labor would "spend a fortune on this election" and could "rely on the unions to bankroll their campaign machine".

But the message said the state LNP - which has received unprecedented levels of donations since the Newman government won office - depended "on the support of people like you".

Mr Henderson's message called for donations of as little as $50 to win the seat, or bigger, if donors' wallets could stand it this close after a federal election.

In Canberra, Shadow Treasurer Chris Bowen said the by-election would be a difficult one for Labor to win, but it could also show an early sign of voter sentiment against the new government.

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