Life in jail for 'extremely dangerous' murderer

CONVICTED killer Jamie Rex Teichmann will remain behind bars for the rest of his life after he was found guilty of murder.

It took a jury about a day to decide Teichmann murdered Carl Upson when he shot him in the head with a shotgun from about 50cm-1m away at a property near Esk in 2010.

Most of the 12 jury members sat at the back of the courtroom after giving their verdict to watch Teichmann be sentenced.

They heard how Teichmann had killed another man, Michael Manson, "a matter of days" before he shot Mr Upson.

Brisbane Supreme Court heard the convicted killer had been found guilty of manslaughter earlier this year and was waiting the outcome of the murder trial before he would be sentenced for this crime.

Teichmann killed Mr Manson during a roadside fight near Coominya and left his body in the back of a ute.

After hearing from lawyers it took Supreme Court Justice John Byrne about minute to sentence Teichmann to life behind bars yesterday (Wednesday) for Mr Upson's murder.

Mr Upson's body was found in December 2010 sprawled in a pool of blood on white tiles in a train carriage that had been converted into a house on a property along Mount Mulgowie Rd, south of Esk.

The court heard Teichmann had a violent criminal history including a charge of attempted murder.

Years ago Teichmann put a gun to his 15-year-old girlfriend's head and pulled the trigger, but the gun did not fire, the court heard.

"You are an extremely dangerous man," Justice Byrne said yesterday.

"A little more than a week before you murdered Carl Upson you unlawfully killed another and you have prior convictions for multiple offences of violence including attempted murder.

"Should you ever apply for parole the authority will need to give the most careful consideration to the extent of the danger you have presented and are likely to continue to present to the community."

Justice Byrne said there was only one sentence available for murder: life in prison.


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