NEXT MOVE: Now old Byron Hospital is closed what becomes of the land?
NEXT MOVE: Now old Byron Hospital is closed what becomes of the land? Marc Stapelberg

LETTER: Suffolk Village Green earns reprieve but what next for old hospital site?

CONGRATULATIONS to all those determinedly public minded-citizens who have taken a stand against the Baird Government's small mindedness and lack of vision in their decision to sell the public land at Suffolk Park without any thought of the people who will suffer from their actions.

And congratulations to our Council for listening to them (if what rumour says proves true).

As octogenarians, who camped with their seven children at the First Sun Caravan Park from the early 1960s, when it was called the Railway Camping Ground (affordable to people like ourselves), we well know that such tracts of public land make an enormous difference to the way of life able to be experienced by ordinary working families.

There have been so many good things brought about in the Bay over the years, coming into being because of the foresight and dedicated hard work of community members with a vision for their town.

We think of the memorial olympic pool, the new library, the community centre, Cavanbah Sports Centre and the new hospital - to name but a few.

This brings us to the final part of this letter, the subject troubling our minds over the last couple of months since returning from visiting family in the UK.

It was the sight, should we say 'the site' of the old hospital, fenced with wire and studded with notices telling passers-by that it is no more a hospital -it's closed.

What we are asking, as citizens, is this: Is this very desirable public land situated as it is at the very heart of our community, about to be sold to developers for the building of yet another block of flats?

Or will it, can it, be used for something to benefit Byron Bay?

If not, we feel this would not only be a big mistake and an opportunity lost, but a disgrace that public assets like this should be sold off to the highest bidder, without thought to the long-term needs of us all!

Wendy and Bob Levett,

Byron Bay

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